Letter to Young Sister

“And so you have all these girls and young women trying to fit into this tiny little box of what they’ve told us beauty is (54).”

From the tone the sister uses in her letter to Hill, I can infer that she feels that women are obligated to be a certain way. She thinks that women are trying to change who they are to fit the description of beauty that is set for them. When she states ,”Tiny little box of what they’ve told us beauty is”, she is referring to society’s expectation on what beautiful looks like. It is the skinny, tall, and light-skinned look that very few of us women have all together but try very hard to look like. She is questioning why she has to look this way and how she can get over the problem of sexism in our society today.

Island of the Blue Dolphins Inference

From the book, Island of the Blue Dolphins, the young girl, Karana has been able to find things to make weapons with. I can infer that she feels some type of empowerment. In the book, she states “Wherever I went during the day, I felt secure with my new weapons, and I waited patiently for the time when I could use them against the wild dogs that killed Ramo.”(56) Karana felt as if she was safe and it was like she can do take on revenge upon whoever it was that brought harm to her or her family.


– Charnelle T.

RRJ: The Skin I’m In

” Why don’t you go back to where you come from? … What’s she doing here anyway, Mr. P.? I say, holding my face. “She don’t know what she’s doing.” … Me, I’m just wondering when she’s gonna get out my life. ” (31-32)

From Maleeka’s behavior, I can infer that she does not like her new teacher at all. When Maleeka gets into a situation at school, Ms Saunders ( her new teacher ) tries to help her, but Maleeka does not think so. ” Why don’t you go back to where you come from? … What’s she doing here anyway, Mr. P.? I say, holding my face. “She don’t know what she’s doing.” … Me, I’m just wondering when she’s gonna get out my life. ” (31-32) Maleeka feels Ms. Saunders is not doing her any good. She feels Ms. Saunders is ruining her high school life, and just making things at school worst for her. Maleeka feels Ms. Saunders does not know what she is doing. In other people’s eyes Ms. Saunders is a great teacher, just using different learning strategies, but in Maleeka’s eyes Ms. Saunders is just out to get her.

Inference To Th1rteen R3asons Why

In the book I’m reading Clay has just received a shoebox with cassette taps in it. Hanna, a girl who committed suicide has recorded herself speaking about the 13 reasons she killed herself. While Clay is listening he hears her talk about Wally, the man who works in the store she goes to. She says that he never spoke any words. It makes me think that on that particular day Wally did talk.

A Lesson Before Dying Inference.

Inferences as they pertain to books are whereby you take an educated guess as what will happen in the book or novel. The book that I am currently reading is called A Lesson Before Dying a novel by Ernest J. Gaines based on the old South, how the people were treated and the death penalty.

The setting is in a small Cajun community and the two main characters are that of Grant Wiggins an educated black man who returned from University and whom can only get a job as a teacher. Jefferson the man who is put on trial for murders he did not commit and who is waiting for the death penalty, he thinks that he is not human but an animal. Wiggin’s role is to teach Jefferson how to be a man again.

In this novel there are several places that you can make inferences however I made my inference in the middle of the novel in which I feel that you can start to see Wiggins change. “‘He’s got just over a month, April eighth.’ ‘April eighth,’ I said to no one. ‘April eighth’. ‘Friday, April eighth, between noon and three,’ the sheriff said. “Between non and three.” I said to no one.” (157). This quote demonstrates the slow change in Wiggins. Due to this quote I made the inference that in teaching Jefferson how to be a man Wiggins will change and become a better man than who he was  in the beginning of the novel. The mumbling of the words “to no one” shows how deeply affected he is to the situation at hand. He is also unconsciously expressing emotion that he suppressed in the beginning of the novel. He begins to care for Jefferson and as such he unlocks the part of him that allows him to truly be a man.

The American Dream

The American Dream can be categorized as the will that a person has to be an American.  Many people think that once you come to America that opportunities will just be handed to you and that is sadly not the case.  You must work for your goals.  You need to  have a positive foundation that you can rely on.  Not all the time someone will be there in your time of need.  You must have an internal push to get somewhere in life.  Thankfully society can help but internally there must be a push.

RRJ ALberto Lainez The Hunger Games

“I look up and find Cinna’s eyes trained on mine. ‘How despicable we must seem to you he,’ says.” (65)

From this quote I can infer that Cinna knew what Katniss was thinking in her head.In the book it says that “I look up and find Cinnas eyes trained on mine. ‘How despicable we must seem to you,’ he says.”(65) Katniss was probably uncomfortable with this whole situation. She wondered why they would put makeup on her and dress her in nice clothing. She wondered this because the whole view on the Hunger Games was to kill one another so whoever was the strongest would win not who looks the best.

Readers Response Journal #1

From the way Hayley responded to Cassie comment, I can infer that Hayley really puts all her trust in Cassie and she was disappointed at what Cassie was saying. Hayley and Cassie been friends for a really long time and they really put a lot of trust in each other’s opinions. According to the book it says, “For one thing, Fitz deserved better. For another, it made me song really shallow. Worst of all, it made Hayley incredibly mad.” Cassie did not like the fact that her best friend Hayley really likes their friend Fitz and decided to say what was on her mind. I can relate to this because sometimes when your best friend is with a boy you’re both really good friends with it seems really confusing and can really destroy a lot of friendships along the way. 

RRJ: Katniss and Her Strategies

“Look at their faces, grinning and snarling at me, a sure kill above them.” (181)

Katniss was injured when the Careers came around.  She needed a way to escape death.  If she didn’t do anything about what was about to happen to her, she would for sure be dead.  “Look at their faces, grinning and snarling at me, a sure kill above them.” (181)  The Careers were looking at Katniss ready to kill.  They were all on an alliance together.  Peeta was going against Katniss.  She had no other choice.  She would probably end up finding a weapon to kill someone with, being that she didn’t have any proper weapons.